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How to protect a Software in Argentina? Legal Core Group

How to protect a Software in Argentina?

For software companies looking to expand to Argentina, learn below how Software is protected in this country.

How to protect a Software in Argentina? FAQs

What is the applicable law regarding software protection in Argentina?

In Argentina, the protection of the Software is contemplated in the Intellectual Property Law No. 11,723. The Law establishes in its article 1 that computer programs are protected under said regime.

Where is the Software Registered in Argentina?

In Argentina, software –as well as literary, artistic and any other type of works that are protected by the Intellectual Property Law-, can be registered with the National Directorate of Author’s Rights (DNDA).

What are the benefits of registering a Software before the DNDA?

The main benefit is that it grants a presumption of authorship over the work (which admits proof to the contrary) and also grants a certain date of creation. Likewise, the registration of the Software work serves as an element of comparison in cases of plagiarism and piracy. In this case, the copy of the deposited work is sent to the Judiciary for the respective assessment to be carried out.

When is Software protected in Argentina?

The Intellectual Property right over a work arises at the very moment of its creation. That is why the registration of the work before the DNDA is not constitutive of the right, but is declarative. However, it is highly recommended to register the work before the DNDA.

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