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How to register trademarks in Argentina from abroad?

Those businesses expanding to Latina America often choose Argentina as one of the targets for investment. If you are expanding to this country, do not forget to protect your intangibles here.

Consequently, businesses that wish to know how to register their trademarks in Argentina from abroad, should read this post. If you require professional advice, you can contact us.

How to register a trademark in Argentina from abroad?

Where are trademarks registered in Argentina?

Trademarks in Argentina are registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), the enforcement authority for regulations related to industrial property rights. Therefore, it will be in charge of granting you exclusivity in the use of your trademark, once it is registered.

What cannot be registered as a trademark in Argentina?

Before telling you how to register a trademark in Argentina from abroad, we suggest that you read our post “What are the impediments established by Argentina Law for trademark registration?

How to register a trademark in Argentina from abroad

The trademark registration process in Argentina can be done either in person or virtually. For the virtual presentation, you will need to have access to Argentina’s national tax system. Since that access may be too complex to achieve, you can hire professional services from an Intellectual Property lawyer or industrial property agent to act on your behalf before the INPI. In this way, with the simple signing of a power of attorney, the presentation is filed on behalf of the foreign client.

How long does it take to register a trademark in Argentina?

The registration process may take from 12 (twelve) months to 24 (twenty four) months, depending on the particularities of each case. In all cases, it is highly advisable to make a prior trademark search before filing an application.

How much does it cost to file a trademark in Argentina?

If you wish to register your trademarks in Argentina, ask us for a quote. We have IP lawyers ready to assist you.


As Argentina follows the “first to file” principle, the person first filing an application will have priority over it. Therefore, if you are seeking to expand to Argentina, do not forget to protect your trademarks there.

At Legal Core Group we have extensive experience advising clients who are abroad from this country. If you have already decided to register your trademark in Argentina, contact us to start the registration as soon as possible.

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