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register a trademark in Bolivia - Legal Core Group

How to register a trademark in Bolivia?

If you want to establish or expand your business in Bolivia, our suggestion is always to register your trademarks in the territory. This is due to the fact that trademark law is territorial.  As a consequence, the trademark must be protected in each country where it is intended to be used.

In Bolivia, the National Intellectual Property Service (SENAPI) is in charge of granting you protection over trademarks. It works within the orbit of the Ministry of Productive Development and Plural Economy. Find below all relevant questions in order to register a trademark in Bolivia.

Who can register a trademark in Bolivia and what rights does registration grant?

Any natural or legal person can apply for the registration of a trademark in Bolivia. The registration will grant the owner of the trademark the right to use, transfer and license of use of the trademark. Anyone who owns a trademark in Bolivia will also be able to oppose the registration of the same or similar trademarks that have been requested subsequently. This, since one of the principles that govern trademarks law is, first in time, first in law. You will also be able to prevent third parties from using your distinctive sign without your consent.

What can I register as a trademark in this country?

In Bolivia you can register figurative, denominative, mixed, auditory, three-dimensional and olfactory trademarks.

Thus, you can register words or a combination of them, images, figures, portraits, labels, emblems, shields. You can also record sounds, smells, letters, numbers, a color delimited by a shape, or a combination of colors among others. If you want to know if your sign can be registered, contact us. At Legal Core Group we have IP lawyers who can assist you.

What do I need to register a trademark in Bolivia?

To register a trademark in Bolivia you will need to pay the corresponding fees and rates and grant a power of attorney so that the lawyers in that country can act on your behalf.

What is the cost for filing a trademark application in this country?

Our fees for filing a single application (one trademark) in one class in Bolivia are USD625. If you want to find out how much it costs to register your brand in several classes, ask us for a quote. If you are a trademarks agency, ask us for special fees.

At Legal Core Group an IP lawyer will answer you as soon as he/she receives your query.