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Formal requirements to file a trademark in Argentina - Legal Core Group

Which are the formal requirements to file a trademark in Argentina?

If your business is expanding to Argentina, you must fulfil some formal requirements in order to file a trademark in said country.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Which are the formal requirements to file a trademark in Argentina

  1. Applicant’s information and documentation

    Applicant’s information, such as name (whether is is an individual or legal entity), address, legal representative (in case of legal entities) and marital status (in case of individuals). In case of companies, the constitution of the legal entity and documentation where the legal representative is appointed as it.

  2. A Power of Attorney

    A PoA certified with apostille or legalization is required to file trademarks in Argentina.

  3. Representation of the trademark

    In case of nominative trademarks, the name of the trademark will be required. Additionally, if you wish to proceed with trademarks that include designs and/or colours, (e.g., the denomination plus a specific design) we will need the design in JPG format, with good resolution and not exceeding 2MB of size.

  4. Goods and/or services that will be identified with the trademark

    This is, in order to file the trademark in the corresponding class/es.

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