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Trademark assignment in Argentina - Legal Core Group

Trademark Assignment in Argentina

A trademark assignment implies a change in the ownership of a trademark or a change in the name of the legal entity. In Argentina, the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) is in charge of administrating the trademarks system. Therefore, trademark assignments must be written down in said body for it to be enforceable before third parties.

How to register a trademark assignment in Argentina

How long does it take to write down a trademark assignment in Argentina?

The Trademark’s Office will normally take 15 business days to analyse and make any observations if applicable.

What does registering a trademark assignment with the INPI imply?

Registering a trademark assignment with the INPI implies registering a change of name or registering the change of ownership of a trademark in Argentina. This is very important due to the fact that third parties take notice of said change.

What are the formal requirements to register a trademark assignment with INPI?

In order to register a trademark Assignment before INPI Argentina, you will need to fulfil some requirements:
– The instrument through which the assignment has been made. Keep in mind that the person who transmits or assigns the trademark rights must certify their signature. The notarisation must specifically certify that the person signing in representation of the Legal Entity has enough faculties to carry out the assignment. Additionally, said notarisation must be legalized or apostilled.
– An official translation into Spanish of the assignment instrument, notarisation and legalisation, in case they are in other language.
– A power of attorney or authorisation in the assignment agreement, in order to carry out the registration of the assignment.
Payment of official fees

How much does the trademark assignment process cost?

If you want to know the cost of the registration process for the transfer of your trademark, ask us for a quote.

If you are looking to make a trademark assignment in Argentina, contact us.